There’s Always One

From meme’s, to the crowd, to friends or family laughing while shaking their heads, we’ve all heard it;

“There’s always one!”

Fortunately they’re quite likely just talking about one of you carrying on, or laughing too loud, or making a joke. What you may not realize, however, is that when it comes to #PTSD, the ‘There’s always one!” line still applies.

That’s right, in actuality, recent studies are showing that at least ‘1 in 10’ people in Canada are battling the demons of PTSD – and as many as 1 in 6 within our Canadian Military. A staggering statistic, if you were to ask us – hence the launch of this Tour.

I mean, think about it for just a moment…think about your closest 10 relatives – cousins growing up if you will…or think of yourselves and 4 other couples you may enjoy spare time with. In either scenario, statistically speaking, at least 1 of you is being directly affected by PTSD…which means you are ALL being affected by PTSD.


There was a time in my life (let’s call it pre-PTSD awareness) I’d not have ever imagined PTSD would ever affect me. I barely knew what it was, but most certainly was not aware of how challenging and complex even a personal battle with this horrifically complicated, and for some ‘debilitating’ injury could be.  As such, I could not have known how it might be affecting someone very close to me – and how their battle could impact all of us in their circle.

Their anxiety.

Their associated depression.

The fear.


Thoughts of suicide.

So, so, SO many challenges woven within the fabric of this prick of a disease, and if you don’t believe you’re being affected by PTSD – as it’s your friend or family member battling it directly, I’d hazard a guess you’re wrong. You’re not being affected by their challenges with anxiety? You’re not being affected by their bouts of dark depression? You’re not being affected when they’re seeking solitude and flipping mental coins on ending their own lives?

Let’s talk more – openly – about PTSD. Talk is great in building awareness and promoting learning. But then let’s actually DO something! Let’s learn more. Let’s all be on the same page. Let’s remind everyone battling PTSD that they are valid. That they’re not weak. That they have an absolutely amazing future in front of them…providing we give them the support they need.

Let’s Tour!

Oh, and c’mon people…let’s stop telling them to ‘just get over it’!

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8 thoughts on “There’s Always One

  1. Whoa, excellent article you wrote here, Joe!

    It makes you consider the disease more closely.

    1 in 10 means everyone knows at least one person in their circle who’s affected!

    1 in 10 could even could be ourselves.

    And that’s why it’s important to know how PTSD translates in reality! That those little or big symptoms are actually meaningful.

    1. You’ve captured what we were saying perfectly in your comment, Yasmine, and can only hope others will catch it as well.

      Thanks for reading, and for dropping a comment. Drop back often!

      All the best!

    1. That’s what it’s all about, Jenna…thinking about us, thinking about those around us. What it all means, and how we can each help – as we’re truly all affected by #PTSD in one way, or another.

      Thanks for commenting, and drop back often!

    1. Thanks, Crystal! We do too, obviously, and recognize just how important the opportunity in providing a consistent, qualified message from coast-to-coast really is.

      Wanted to thank you for leaving a comment, and to welcome you to drop back often!

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