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Step Away From The Tire

If you know my humor, you can imagine that I’m hearing “Sir, step away from the tire!” as what the police might say upon being called by a doctor concerned for his patient! HAHA! The patient, of course, none other than Terrance Kosikar, and that fictional call would have been made after his doctor understood there was clearly no way Kosikar was postponing his next tire-flip on the mountain.

Doc: "Terrance, you HAVE to postpone this next flip."
Terrance: "Sorry, Doc. Can't do it."
Doc: "You DO realize how much worse this could end up, don't you?"
Terrance: "I do, Doc...but there are so many people who need my help"

“What’s the big deal?” is most likely what you’re thinking right now, so I’ll let you in on Continue reading “Step Away From The Tire”