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Camp My Way is for Emergency Service Providers who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

It’s a place to get away from all the daily distractions and demands of everyday life and gives the camper the time and freedom it takes to heal THEIR WAY, naturally.

Spending time in the outdoors, breathing the fresh air and taking part in canoeing, hiking, paddle boarding, practicing yoga, camping and fishing all while learning about nutrition, meditation and team work.

The camp also offers art therapy, a sweat lodge, AA + NA meetings, and one on one counselling.



We Are Canada’s Leading Provider of Peer Support, Family Assistance, and Training for our Public Safety & Military Personnel Dealing with Mental Health Injuries.

We help those who spend their lives helping you.

The men and women of our emergency, public safety, and military services see tragic events every day.  They witness human suffering up close and it sometimes becomes very difficult to cope with the aftermath.

The aftermath sometimes means that they will suffer with lasting memories that just won’t go away. Recalling the smells, remembering the sounds and reliving the witnessed events sometimes haunt these men and women for life.

Through research, education, training, and through the provision of peer and psychological support, we aim to help these men and women when they need it most.



A Multi-Disciplinary approach to #PTSD Treatment, Chronic Pain, Trauma Therapy, & Medical Cannabis as an Alternative Medicine. Call 1-844-429-6074

Whether you are struggling with PTSD, trauma, chronic pain or a disabling illness, we know that finding relief from your symptoms can be difficult, and often challenging.

We take a multi-disciplinary approach, and our dedicated team of professionals will develop a treatment plan that will help manage your symptoms and daily living.