Step Away From The Tire

If you know my humor, you can imagine that I’m hearing “Sir, step away from the tire!” as what the police might say upon being called by a doctor concerned for his patient! HAHA! The patient, of course, none other than Terrance Kosikar, and that fictional call would have been made after his doctor understood there was clearly no way Kosikar was postponing his next tire-flip on the mountain.

Doc: "Terrance, you HAVE to postpone this next flip."
Terrance: "Sorry, Doc. Can't do it."
Doc: "You DO realize how much worse this could end up, don't you?"
Terrance: "I do, Doc...but there are so many people who need my help"

“What’s the big deal?” is most likely what you’re thinking right now, so I’ll let you in on the whole story.

For those who’ve not met him, you’re truly missing out on a genuine guy. Rugged. Bighearted. A lover of the simplicity and tranquility of nature. Loyal to a fault. A sum of all of his parts – adding in his having responded to a tragic, Olympic accident that was televised around the world as an EMT, and you have the makings of a man intent on not only dispelling the stigma of PTSD, but likewise finding much-needed support for each and every person battling PTSD.

As part of our Tour – and through future posts, you’ll get to know more about Terrance but, for purposes of today’s ramblings, here’s the story on the conversation above;

Terrance has just had a surgery to repair a hernia. And it’s no wonder, giving his entire awareness campaign ‘Breaking The Chains‘ and ‘It’s Not Weak To Speak‘ have him wearing a 52lb chain draped over his body, while flipping a 400lb tractor tire up ski slopes, across prison yards, and more! When his doctor advised him that his tear had gone from about an inch to over 4 inches since his last ‘flip’, he also strongly advised against doing any further ‘flipping’ until after surgery. With only 1 more flip to go in this leg of his awareness campaign, he told the doc “No can do”, and agreed to having his doc book the surgery for AFTER this last go.

While some might find that a bit extreme, irresponsible, or just plain ‘nutty’, we happen to respect it. Safe and responsible, or not, he’s true to his message. True to his cause. True to the people for whom he works to spread awareness around the demons of PTSD.

We’re happy to report that he’s fortunately doing great in his recovery (surgery was this past Friday), and we’re looking forward to having him join us on our Tour in the near future! Well, in between his next campaign, that is, and in running his support center ‘Camp My Way‘ (a scenic, natural setting in the hills of BC for Emergency Responders to find counselling and healing).

So many great things coming from this man, and we can’t wait to hear more on his next tire-flipping adventure! We’ll keep you posted, so check back often!

Be well, Terrance!

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