Undiagnosed to Unstoppable

It’s been YEARS in the making. My journey back from PTSD.
Far from easy, and at times quite dark and hopeless, I persisted just off the beaten path of life (seemingly more like a darkened wood, than even a path) filled with anxiety, depression, anger, triggers, loneliness, grief, nightmares, and more, to a life of recovery.
The beginnings of a deprogrammed mind, I’d hoped.
Conventional methods of merely coping weren’t working for me, and I was losing any perspective in the chance I’d ever find #normal again. Hell, I’d have even taken a slightly less #abnormal most days…


“I didn’t look this hopeful on October 23, 2015, I can assure you of that. It took time, but it would have been so much less time had I been able to easily access the tools I’ve since found and have used in my own recovery.” (click here, or on my pic for more on my story)
With the urging of a select few, and introductions to more holistic means of working through my Post Traumatic Stress, I was able to seek out more. Able to find information and learn as I found. Able to push through some of the darkest days in search of more and more information, and in search of a way out.
Meditation. Mindfulness of other forms. Ho’oponopono. Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Studying various counseling methods, and especially those with a slant toward those of us with PTS. Nutritional balance through my incredibly intuitive friend and wellness guide, Neil Burchill of Insight Health & Wellness. Ongoing Reiki through Reiki Master and extraordinary friend Candace at Shifting Light Studio. Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and more.
While I can’t say there aren’t still challenging days, they’re much less severe, and much less frequent for me. I’m better and better every day, and with no meds (** and hey, if meds are helping you hold it together, I’m certainly not saying you should stop…not without the consent of your primary healthcare provider **).
And now I’m ready to not only share more of my story, but I’m ready to help you write a positive new story of your own.
Watch the video below. Click on the link for the more detailed explanation and story (including my offer for more near the end of the ‘3 Secrets‘ video), and please let others around you know about this video, and my work.
If you’re battling your own demons, I may be able to help.
If it’s someone close to you, please make sure they see this. Sit and watch it with them, if you have to.

And please, if they’re fans of Facebook, please have them check out our ‘safe space’, our Closed PTSDeprogrammed Group, and they can also follow my ‘every day’ here
I may not any longer work with lights and sirens, but I’m hopeful I can now focus on saving the lives of those who save others.
Be well, and I’ll hope to see you on the inside.
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Let’s Be Friends

You’re potentially in 1 of 3 columns as you’re reading today’s post;

  1. You either struggle to find good, true friends since being open about your battle with the demons of PTSD or mental health challenge,
  2. You carry on with your days free of any mental health challenges yet wonder why your friend is always cancelling plans at the last minute, or sits in the corner when you’re at another of the numerous gatherings you and your friends host,
  3. For fear of losing the friendship, support, and understanding of those most important to you, you’ve chosen to fight the urge of letting anyone know that you’re struggling with PTSD, anxiety, etc.

If you’ve fallen into column #1, then Continue reading “Let’s Be Friends”

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Step Away From The Tire

If you know my humor, you can imagine that I’m hearing “Sir, step away from the tire!” as what the police might say upon being called by a doctor concerned for his patient! HAHA! The patient, of course, none other than Terrance Kosikar, and that fictional call would have been made after his doctor understood there was clearly no way Kosikar was postponing his next tire-flip on the mountain.

Doc: "Terrance, you HAVE to postpone this next flip."
Terrance: "Sorry, Doc. Can't do it."
Doc: "You DO realize how much worse this could end up, don't you?"
Terrance: "I do, Doc...but there are so many people who need my help"

“What’s the big deal?” is most likely what you’re thinking right now, so I’ll let you in on Continue reading “Step Away From The Tire”

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There’s Always One

From meme’s, to the crowd, to friends or family laughing while shaking their heads, we’ve all heard it;

“There’s always one!”

Fortunately they’re quite likely just talking about one of you carrying on, or laughing too loud, or making a joke. What you may not realize, however, is that when it comes to #PTSD, the ‘There’s always one!” line still applies.

That’s right, in actuality, recent studies are showing that at least ‘1 in 10’ people in Canada are battling the demons of PTSD – and as many as 1 in 6 within our Canadian Military. A staggering statistic, if you were to ask us – hence the launch of this Tour.

I mean, think about Continue reading “There’s Always One”

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